Property Cyber Works (PCW) is a company focussing on developing an innovative new technology-based model of online property rental. Our approach can resolve the global issue of the over-complicated experience of property rental. Our focus is medium-term rentals (1 to 11 months), with which we have so far had the most success and have completed a working prototype.

There is a clear opportunity in connecting the disorganized industry to build the world’s leading online platform where people can easily rent accommodation for monthly periods. A very limited number of companies have the specific experience required to build such a solution, but we have. We bring together experience from real estate and hospitality operations into a complete tech-based online solution.

From the tenant’s perspective, we focus mainly on high-quality media, a large portfolio, online rental processes and a great user experience. From the back end, we approached each process from a cybernetic perspective, and built technological solutions that optimized many processes and each employee’s efficiency, making us low-cost and large-scale.

We are currently testing our solutions with our main product www.saopauloflat.com. Over 2,000 contracts were signed, it was awarded under the Letting Agency (2013-14) and Real Estate Website (2014-15) categories in the prestigious Americas Property Awards and has a very experienced team.

We are currently opening the investment round for R&D and global expansion.


The short-term rental market, dominated by hotel booking websites and AirBnB, has progressed and developed by providing price-competitive, quality listings and a lot of information to each guest. Middle- and long-term rental, however, seem to be frozen in time, and browsing listing pages loaded with outdated or poor-quality options is often the only alternative to paying large sums to relocation or letting agents. The hospitality industry has released various products like apart-hotels, and serviced apartments but have no single global rental channel where people can easily make bookings for monthly periods. Housing is the second-biggest challenge involved in relocation, and there is no leading global product for monthly rentals.


We are going to unite the monthly rental industry, which is currently divided between various real estate, IT and hospitality products, into one platform where users can easily find furnished accommodation for monthly periods. Each listing should be accompanied by professional photos, ultra high-definition widescreen videos and panoramas, supported by descriptions and ratings delivered by our copywriters and community. From the back end, all the platform needs is to run with maximum IT and minimum human involvement, making operations scalable and low-cost. Animations and a Wikipedia are some of the tools we use to build product awareness. Our vision is to make online accommodation rentals as easy as hotel booking.


There may be other companies that share a similar vision for the future, but various technological and practical obstacles often prevent them from creating a real manifestation of their concept. We have already built concrete proof of our concept and have already gained vast experience in innovating rental services.
Our key front-end product is accessible under www.saopauloflat.com and back-end information is accessible here. We still have a long list of improvements to be implemented, but we have proudly passed many milestones and built a leading local product with over 1,200 daily updated apartments, 20 000 professional photos and panoramas, over 600 HD videos, various search options, online rental tools and tons of other features. This project is the fruit of 10 years of designing technologies for the property market, and regular market reviews have convinced us that it is very strong competitor in the monthly accommodation battle.

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Our team

Flexibility in our business is also visible in our human resources. We have full time employees, part time employees, freelancers, various partners and people from outsourcing companies. We are happy to work in any way that makes our work efficient, independently if work is done online from other side of the world or physically in our office. The history of our developers and designers reaches back 10 years to a company called Progressive Technologies where our work on real estate solutions started with “EstateCY” CMS for developers and property agents. The crisis in 2008 forced most of the team members to find additional jobs, and since 2009 the key technical staff members and designers have been working online. Our key programmers have accumulated extensive experience by working in big dotcoms and ready to join our team for full-time work. Our permanent staff is mainly focused on day-to-day operations of Sao Paulo Flat. We have very loyal, and very experienced staff members focused on same goal of making things easier, and delivering top-quality services. Some of our best people are the result of many months of recruitment processes, and each person brings very unique qualities to our team. We already have some figures for future positions related with Property Cyber Works.


The monthly accommodation rental market is big, growing, and has some great perspectives for the future. Corporate housing and the serviced apartment industry holds over 670k units, plus shares in over 1m vacation rental units and over 1m in private deals and real estate agencies. There are over 230 millions migrants around the world and over a billion business trips made every year. 94% operators report an increase in demand for serviced apartments and 48% of corporations project future growth in relocations.

Sao Paulo Flat have over 1200 units in our portfolio and receive organic growth of an average of 360 properties per year. We are profitable, and key income comes from commission from each rental.

PCW is searching for investment in technology development, in business expansions, and in an experimental fund for the development of current services. The main business equity is Intellectual property (mainly in-house software, content and multimedia materials), brand, income from current operations and databases with various records related to the last 5 years of our activities.