About the product

Our product is a very complex solution, constantly developing for 10 years. If we extract each innovation or functionality on pieces it might appear that most of them functioning in some form on the market, but it doesn't exist in complex for that we built. We saw many real estate solutions and systems, but most of them are tools to manage data, never a business model represented in form of technological solution, like ours.

Our product is spreaded mainly on 4 categories.

  • Service innovation
  • Front end
  • Back end
  • Intelligent solutions

There is a lot to be done to refine each of them to perfection stage (which is the reason we are looking for investors) but we developed each one to functioning or at least test stage.

Service innovation

Technological solutions for real estate market can't reach high end without service innovation going together. We stick to our vision, of easy rental that can be done online. Series of formal or mental limitations appeared during innovation process, but most of them can be eliminated with the time, education, by using international entities or by risk management. Check below our list of some main innovations to real estate rental sector that we implemented in last years.

  • Replacement of real estate agents with attending central
  • Online contracting procedure
  • Various payment channels
  • Reviews and Renting
  • Online booking for apartments
  • Waiting list

Website innovation

Building the best letting agency website is one of our main goals. We are competing for best real estate award this year, and to be well prepared in last years we reviewed hundreds of real estate websites around the world. We found out that even the most famous, and successful agencies often making the websites in the way that seems very far from UX (user experience) designing. We still have various limitations coming from limited capital, uncle google or user habits, but we do our best to deliver most useful and friendly online rental tool. Below we list some of our website key features.

  • Registration system
  • Customer panel
  • Landlord panel
  • Browse by map & 3D map
  • Online availability
  • Mobile website
  • Smart TV website
  • Affiliate program
  • Wide/3D Videos
  • Panoramic photos
  • Online Procedures
  • Wikipedia
  • How to Animations
  • Rating and reviews
  • Event tracking


Our backend is heart product of our work and main product related with PCW investment. Building great working website is relatively easy comparing to building intelligent CRM, which is already much harder task. We run in-house designed and programmed system which is connection of CMS, CRM and ERP (called nCRM). By our nCRM we coordinate information from our clients, landlords, and partners, with our business intelligence. Our backend system is advanced, and useful tool bus same as our front, need investment to master various features. Some of our key functionalities are listed below.

  • Customer calendar
  • Smart search
  • User and landlord profiles
  • Live social connections
  • Tasking
  • Wiki system
  • Accounting system
  • Call center synchronization
  • Document generator

Smart solutions

Some of solutions are quite simple to implement and require only basic problem understanding, but others beside advanced programming knowledge require deep understanding of customer, property market, and historical records. We have very complex and solid knowledge on constructing smart IT solutions based on many years of experiences in real estate and accommodation area. Those are some of our main solutions.

  • Smart mailing system
  • Smart tasking
  • Smart contract relating
  • Auto availability


There are various solutions that we willing to develop in the future. Some of those projects are already opened, others waiting for hardware or capita. Our main future plans are related with:

  • Using drones for building photos and videos
  • Starting of using Wide 3D solutions in super high definition
  • Testing some virtual reality (Ocul Rift) possibilities in connection with projects like Google Tango (changing reality to 3d)
  • Gamification module in our CRM
  • Live apartment video streaming
  • Intelligent marketing solutions